What keeps you up at night? (tell me about it)

Today, my friend, I want to talk to you about unlived dreams.

I’ve been helping people with their (lack of) sleep for over six years now. It’s been quite a journey! I’ve worked with thousands of people, talked to hundreds — and experience has showed me there are two instances where the SleepTracks program cannot bring total relief.

The first one is when sleeplessness is caused by a severe physical disruption or disease. In those cases the program can in most cases bring some improvement and relief, but it obviously doesn’t solve the problem that is at the root of the insomnia.

When people in this situation ask me whether I think the program can help them or not, I say:

“Well, give it a try. See if it helps. Give it a few weeks. Don’t assume that your disease is indeed the main factor in your sleep troubles — they might still be caused mainly by some bad habits, fears and mindsets around sleep.

You won’t know for sure until you try. If the program doesn’t help, ask for a refund.”

And then there’s the other reason. The big one.

The unlived dream. The unlived life.

The fear of what might happen if you stay on the path you’re on.

Is that what keeps you up at night?

Then obviously just trying to relax and adopt some good habits won’t be enough.

Here’s the thing: what keeps you up at night may have nothing to do with sleep and everything to do with what you do (or most likely don’t do) with your daytime life.

If you’re lying awake at night because you’re not living a fulfilling life…

If you’re wondering whether you’re wasting your existence… If you have the sense that you ought to do “something else” with your one wild and precious life…

Then I invite you to take an appointment with me for a free 60-min conversation.

Read more about the limited, no-strings-attached invitation I’m extending to you on this page

Looking forward to talk to you!

P.S. I’ve talked to many people over the past two weeks. I’m full of gratitude for the trust that those persons placed on me, and for the so very precious things that were exchanged during our time together. For me, it confirmed in a very powerful way that being aligned with what we truly want is of crucial importance.

I have started working with a handful of people but still have room for a few more, so I’m extending the invitation again.

If it’s the right time for you, don’t delay. I have a few remaining spots in the calendar this week and next week as well…

P.P.S. In case you have forgotten, you are a wonder.

photo: Nebojsa Mladjenovic

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