Tell an inspiring story with your life and work in 2014

As 2014 is still in its infancy, I want to offer you a free New Year gift.

A gift that can change the unfolding of that year in a dramatic way if you’re ready to take advantage of it.


But first let me ask you: what story are you telling with your life and work right now?

What story will you tell with your life and work in 2014?

Will it be same-old same-old?

Will it feature someone stuck, or someone who is inspired?

Someone who reacts, or someone who creates?

Someone who watches as life is passing by, or someone who makes a difference?

Someone who is overstressed and overwhelmed, or someone who moves with grace and ease?

I’d say the latter would be a much more fulfilling story for you to live in, and a more inspiring one for others to watch, won’t you agree?

If you’d prefer to create, to move, to live with purpose and grace as you enter into new territory…

Then I’m here to help you make that a reality. Starting with my free help.

My New Year Gift

That gift is: my time and attention for a full hour. Just you and me on the phone or on Skype.

During which we focus on where YOU want to go in 2014 and what you want to create. What stands in the way and what you can do about it.

My intention is for you to come out of our 60-minute, one-on-one conversation with three things:

  • Renewed clarity around where you stand and where you’re going over the coming year
  • At least one big Aha! that makes you shift from “I’m stuck” to “I see what’s possible!”
  • A clear understanding of the next steps to get you moving

All that while laughing and having fun together 🙂

I don’t care if you feel lost, or overwhelmed, or whether you have clarity or not at the moment – I care only that you:

  1. feel the strong urge to move out of the status quo now
  2. have some sense that, in some way, there is more of YOU that could contribute to the world.

Not a sleep consultation

IMPORTANT NOTE: the purpose of this call is NOT to have me fix your sleep issues. Altough we can discuss how sleep is coming up as an obstacle to what you want to accomplish (and I will certainly offer insights on how to solve that problem), we won’t focus mainly on that.

I’m not going to put on my expert hat and spend an hour consulting for free on that subject. If you’re just interested in solving your sleep issues without looking at the bigger picture, then hire me on that page.

This call is to look at the horizon:

  • What do you want to create in your life now?
  • How do you want to contribute to the world through your work?
  • What’s the next level? And what’s needed to step into it in 2014?

The good news is that I’m gifted for enlarging perspectives and finding deeper meaning – so come prepared to see things in a new light 🙂

Why I’m doing this

Because it’s the most impactful way for me to serve you right now.

And because I’m in love. With coaching.

I’ve been coaching people since 2008 (the year when I had my first training). Part-time up to now – yet I’ve worked with people on 5 continents already. And my love for that transformative art has been growing non-stop.

So much so that 2014 is the year where I’m going full-on: I’m investing time and money into additional trainings. I’m being mentored by a master. And I’m building a practice.

Which leads me to invite you to have a powerful and inspiring conversation with me. Not a sales call.

What I promise you

  • I won’t sugar-coat anything, yet you will have my unconditional support.
  • I will show up fully, and will hold nothing back. We will go as far as possible during our one hour together (which can be very far if you show up fully too).
  • I won’t try to convince you to buy anything or manipulate you in any way.
  • I won’t expect you to do anything except be fully present while we talk.
  • The content of our conversation will be totally confidential.
  • I might invite you to continue coaching with me, but only if we are both inspired by that possibility.

Sounds like a good fit for you in this new year? Then come in while the window is open.

Book your “Inspired Discovery” coaching conversation with me

After reserving your spot and picking a date that works for you, you’ll receive a questionnaire by email. Take the time to fill it and send it back to me right away.

Your answers will help me determine whether I’m the right person to work with you or not. If I decline your application, I’ll refer you to more appropriate resources/persons.

Lastly, if you want to read more about what I’m up to with coaching, who I am, etc, pay a visit to my brand new (and still in construction) personal site here – there’s a slightly longer explanation of what I just wrote you on that page.

Wishing you a meaningful and fulfilling new year!

Your ally,


P.S. I’m taking massive action here and I need your help: if this conversation is not for you, but you know of someone who would benefit from talking with me, please send them here. Tell them to let me know you sent them, so I may thank you!

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