Pain reveals the truth


I read this, and wanted to pass it along:

“[Pain] removes the veil;
it plants the flag of truth within the fortress of a rebel soul.”
– C.S. Lewis

And so is lack of sleep.

If sleep is eluding you… If worry and anxiety is besieging you… What truth is it pointing to?

You can view your health challenges as a problem to get rid of… Or as a flag pointing to the truth. A signal, the marking of an area that requires your attention.

Look here! Look! Look! Look!

Like a big S-O-S the survivors of a crash would draw on the side of the mountain, by using every scrap they could manage to gather from their destroyed airplane.

What is it pointing to?

What part of you needs to be rescued?

What passion needs to be rekindled? What love has been left alone on the side of the mountain?

Where have you (maybe, just maybe) deprived yourself of the space and time you need to rest and to heal?

Where in your life are you trying too hard, pushing way past the point of diminishing returns, and continuing to push way past the moment when you should have let go?

What are you still clutching to, that has left your hand a long time ago?

Are you trying to medicate yourself out of something you would prefer to not see, not feel, not have within you?

Is your lack of sleep pointing to your fear? Your regrets? Your longings?

Or maybe simply your forgetfulness of the care your body and soul is clamoring for (while you honestly believe you want this rest more than anything)?

If so… How can you honor that truth… And begin to give yourself what you truly need right now, in a gentle, loving way?

Will the flag make you at least curious?

Respectfully submitted,

p.s. Would you please pass this around?

Picture: Creative Commons License Cheryl Leong

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