Omharmonics review

I told you last week I was in the process of review­ing brand new audio ses­sions — here it is!

First, if you want to take a look at what I’ll be talk­ing about, go there.

You’ll be able to grab a com­pli­men­tary 10-​​minute audio session.

What is Omharmonics

Omhar­mon­ics is a set of brain­wave entrain­ment audio ses­sions designed to help you med­i­tate and/​or reach a state of cre­ative flow.

There are 5 audio ses­sions in the full package:

- One for med­i­tat­ing in the morning

- another one for med­i­tat­ing in the afternoon

- two that can be used while you work or con­cen­trate to get into the flow

- and a last one to help get to sleep (I haven’t tested this one).

I’m lis­ten­ing to “The Spark” right now as I type this, and it’s great. I can feel that my abil­ity to fend off dis­trac­tion and get in a relaxed yet cre­ative state is def­i­nitely enhanced.

The two tracks made for med­i­ta­tion, “The Awak­en­ing” and “The Bal­ance” start pretty upbeat but guide you deeper and deeper as time passes.

All the ses­sions are extremely well con­structed. Because they are using bin­au­ral beats (and not isochronic tones as I use in Sleep­Tracks), the only thing you hear is the music, along with some breath­ing sounds here and there. Even if you don’t hear them, the pulses will take you on a good ride.

The com­pany behind this prod­uct is Mind­val­ley, one of the world’s biggest online per­sonal growth pub­lish­ers. These guys really shine at giv­ing peo­ple what they want. One exam­ple: the breath­ing sounds can get dis­tract­ing, and some early users reported that. They quickly released a ver­sion where these have been greatly diminished.

Who should use Omhar­mon­ics?

First, I must say that altough these ses­sions are extremely well put together, per­son­ally I pre­fer to med­i­tate in silence. In my expe­ri­ence, noth­ing beats sit­ting with no sup­port of any kind — no sound in my ears, no mantra to recite, no count­ing of breath, no visu­al­iza­tion… just me sit­ting there, with body sen­sa­tions, thoughts com­ing and going, sounds com­ing up from the out­side, pay­ing atten­tion (and peri­od­i­cally los­ing that atten­tion, and then com­ing back again)…

For me that’s the best way to get inti­mate with the crazi­ness of my own mind, and to become a wit­ness of the silence that per­vades everything.

Still, I think that proper sound sup­port can be extremely help­ful in calm­ing one’s mind. Being able to unhook from the active part of the brain that spins thoughts faster than Luky Luke fires his guns can be pre­cious. And in that respect, the Omhar­mon­ics ses­sions do an out­stand­ing job.

Many peo­ple try to med­i­tate and stop after a few attempts because they get frus­trated by their rebel­lious thoughts, and by the anx­i­ety that some­times surges when they stay still.

Other folks — and this is more fre­quent than you may think — med­i­tate for years with­out mak­ing much progress in their abil­ity to let go and remain present. They still get car­ried away from one worry-​​thought to the next, com­pletely wrapped in their own drama. This is unfor­tu­nate, and not necessary.

If that’s your case, if you either avoid med­i­ta­tion because you can’t seem to estab­lish a min­i­mum of inner still­ness, or if you feel like you’re stuck at a plateau, then I sug­gest you give these ses­sions a try. They might allow you to reach a deeper and calmer state of pres­ence, in which you can estab­lish your­self more firmly — which can even­tu­ally allow you to med­i­tate by your­self, in silence, more fruitfully.


Now, here’s one thing that I want you to not fall for.

The Mind­val­ley guys and gals are great at mar­ket­ing. Their web­sites are clear and con­vinc­ing (I’m very much inspired by their design for the new ver­sion of Sleep­Tracks’ site).


They went over­board with their sales copy, and wrote two things that are pure BS. I kid you not.

When they talk about their “Intel­li­gent Guided Flow Tech­nol­ogy”, claim­ing that the ses­sions are “rec­og­niz­ing and align­ing with your cur­rent brain­waves”, that is com­plete bull. Don’t believe that. Recorded audio ses­sions can’t do such a thing.

And what they call their “Neu­ral­Sync Tech­nol­ogy” is just plain old bin­au­ral beats tech­nol­ogy. Noth­ing new here.

This marketing-​​speak aside, all the ses­sions seem to be extremely well put together, and I encour­age you to sam­ple them.

If you’re not med­i­tat­ing reg­u­larly, or if you’d like to reach a new level in your prac­tice, give them a try.

All you need are a pair of head­phones and 10 min­utes of quiet time.

Get the free sam­ple by going to this spe­cial page

And have a great day!


p.s. Remem­ber the chal­lenge I issued last week? 5 min­utes of med­i­ta­tion per day? Are you doing it?

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