Omharmonics review

I told you last week I was in the process of reviewing brand new audio sessions — here it is!

First, if you want to take a look at what I’ll be talking about, go there.

You’ll be able to grab a complimentary 10-minute audio session.

What is Omharmonics

Omharmonics is a set of brainwave entrainment audio sessions designed to help you meditate and/or reach a state of creative flow.

There are 5 audio sessions in the full package:

– One for meditating in the morning

– another one for meditating in the afternoon

– two that can be used while you work or concentrate to get into the flow

– and a last one to help get to sleep (I haven’t tested this one).

I’m listening to “The Spark” right now as I type this, and it’s great. I can feel that my ability to fend off distraction and get in a relaxed yet creative state is definitely enhanced.

The two tracks made for meditation, “The Awakening” and “The Balance” start pretty upbeat but guide you deeper and deeper as time passes.

All the sessions are extremely well constructed. Because they are using binaural beats (and not isochronic tones as I use in SleepTracks), the only thing you hear is the music, along with some breathing sounds here and there. Even if you don’t hear them, the pulses will take you on a good ride.

The company behind this product is Mindvalley, one of the world’s biggest online personal growth publishers. These guys really shine at giving people what they want. One example: the breathing sounds can get distracting, and some early users reported that. They quickly released a version where these have been greatly diminished.

Who should use Omharmonics?

First, I must say that altough these sessions are extremely well put together, personally I prefer to meditate in silence. In my experience, nothing beats sitting with no support of any kind — no sound in my ears, no mantra to recite, no counting of breath, no visualization… just me sitting there, with body sensations, thoughts coming and going, sounds coming up from the outside, paying attention (and periodically losing that attention, and then coming back again)…

For me that’s the best way to get intimate with the craziness of my own mind, and to become a witness of the silence that pervades everything.

Still, I think that proper sound support can be extremely helpful in calming one’s mind. Being able to unhook from the active part of the brain that spins thoughts faster than Luky Luke fires his guns can be precious. And in that respect, the Omharmonics sessions do an outstanding job.

Many people try to meditate and stop after a few attempts because they get frustrated by their rebellious thoughts, and by the anxiety that sometimes surges when they stay still.

Other folks — and this is more frequent than you may think — meditate for years without making much progress in their ability to let go and remain present. They still get carried away from one worry-thought to the next, completely wrapped in their own drama. This is unfortunate, and not necessary.

If that’s your case, if you either avoid meditation because you can’t seem to establish a minimum of inner stillness, or if you feel like you’re stuck at a plateau, then I suggest you give these sessions a try. They might allow you to reach a deeper and calmer state of presence, in which you can establish yourself more firmly — which can eventually allow you to meditate by yourself, in silence, more fruitfully.


Now, here’s one thing that I want you to not fall for.

The Mindvalley guys and gals are great at marketing. Their websites are clear and convincing (I’m very much inspired by their design for the new version of SleepTracks’ site).


They went overboard with their sales copy, and wrote two things that are pure BS. I kid you not.

When they talk about their “Intelligent Guided Flow Technology”, claiming that the sessions are “recognizing and aligning with your current brainwaves”, that is complete bull. Don’t believe that. Recorded audio sessions can’t do such a thing.

And what they call their “NeuralSync Technology” is just plain old binaural beats technology. Nothing new here.

This marketing-speak aside, all the sessions seem to be extremely well put together, and I encourage you to sample them.

If you’re not meditating regularly, or if you’d like to reach a new level in your practice, give them a try.

All you need are a pair of headphones and 10 minutes of quiet time.

Get the free sample by going to this special page

And have a great day!


p.s. Remember the challenge I issued last week? 5 minutes of meditation per day? Are you doing it?

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