Calm and Well-Rested

Don’t go it alone! An invitation to work directly with Yan

Calm and well-rested.

Yan Muckle

When you are well-rested on a consistent basis, you can enjoy life.

The vitality you feel inside makes you naturally want to create, to accomplish, to try new things. Work seems like play.

But when you’re always exhausted and sleep-deprived, every day feels like a painful endurance contest you need to somehow manage to go through. And you’d rather go hide somewhere.

When you are able to stay calm under pressure, you can see possibilities.

You can sense the pull of the innate desire to share your gifts with the world. Your confidence soars. Your inspiration awakens.

But when you are stressed out, worried and anxious most of the time, danger seems to lurk around every corner. Your whole focus zeroes in on trying to survive another day — not thrive. You feel powerless. And very very vulnerable.

Today I invite you to get this part of your life handled.

As you may know, I’ve created SleepTracks in 2007.

What you may not know is that, as early as 2008, I’ve been working with people one-on-one — folks of all horizons who were asking for more individualized support than I can provide through the program.

And I’ve discovered that…

Real break­throughs do hap­pen when we work together directly.

One-on-one coaching is more potent than any other form of support you can receive. I can attest to that, after having been on both ends of the line during the past 10 years.

There is a whole level of assistance that I cannot provide on a same-for-all digital program, even if a lot of care and love went into designing it.

So even though the program helps a majority of those who try it to sleep better (and gets a better success rate than most big sleep labs), deeper and more profound results can usually be achieved through a series of one-on-one consultations.

Both for sleep and anxiety issues.

Particularly when anxiety and stress are major causes in your sleep struggles, in fact.

Because when we speak together, everything is custom-tailored for you. So I can support you much more powerfully and help you discover new ways to tame stress and anxiety.

“I’m doing much, much better. Sleep isn’t perfect but no longer the catastrophe it was. And all that adrenalin 24/7 – what was THAT about? You were very helpful and I still practice being in my sensations, welcoming them, all that.”

Ruth — Philosophy Professor, London, UK

“I have slept well on more nights than not since I talked to you and have slept well for the past five consecutive nights so that is good. I am starting to feel the benefits of the additional sleep. I have tried to stop telling people I am a “bad sleeper” but this is hard – it seems to be a very bad habit I have gotten into.

Overall I am very glad I contacted you and feel that this could be a turning point for my life, since sleep is so important in a person’s life. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Susan McGovern — Ireland

Finally going public with the coaching

For five years I’ve done it in a semi-confidential manner, part-time. There was no page announcing this service. Not much public display of it. I would just invite someone once in a while by email and work with them privately.

Short-term, long-term — people always came from a place of feeling under-rested, over-stressed, and most of the time powerless in the face of their own anxiety.

So I helped them with their sleep. And anxiety. And any other non-medical issue that limited their level of vitality, their ability to flourish and to shine.

I guess I was still feeling my way through it. I guess I was not ready to “go public”, even if my clients did experience breakthroughs and transformations. I was training, learning and getting better at this very unique transformative art (and still do so as I write this).

Only now am I ready to open the door and let everyone know that I do this. And that it is the most precious gift, the most powerful service I can provide.

Helping you create and transform

My greatest love is to work on a longer-term basis with a handful of people — and not specifically on sleep issues. I love helping them develop the clarity, the calm and the confidence they need to make their own unique contribution in the world (if that rings a bell with you, get in touch with me).


“I’ve worked with Yan Muckle on and off since 2008. He helps to keep me grounded, motivated and moving forward. Yan hears things I don’t even know are bubbling up inside me and helps me to clarify what is the best course of action in my life. I have made better decisions because I work with him.

In Yan, I have an informed, caring perspective. He doesn’t hold back from telling me the truth and holds me to a greater version of myself.”

Gerri Ratigan — Writer, trainer, coach, New York

But I also recognize the necessity for many to get through some big hurdles first — namely, getting their sleep and anxiety handled — before having enough energy to consider what they want to create while they are alive.

So I make myself available to help you with that.

And you probably want to get this handled swiftly.

So here’s what I can offer for now (with the proviso that I can’t guarantee my availability; if you see an optin form instead of a Paypal button at the bottom of this page, it means my plate is full for the time being):

How this works and what you get

The fastest (and most economical for you) way for me to help you resolve your sleep/anxiety issues is that we work together for at least two sessions — the minimum required for you to experience significant change in this area.

Of course, I can’t guarantee that you’ll exit from those two sessions with total sleep mastery and complete freedom from anxiety for the rest of your life — but you’ll be on your way. If you feel the need for additional support later down the road, we can discuss that at the end of this round.

We’ll maximize our time together by adding in some pre- and post-appointment homework.

The fee is $245 for the two sessions and everything else listed below, paid in advance.

1Pre-appointment prep 1: The Sleep Mastery Program

Before our first appointment, you’ll receive and fill an extensive questionnaire about your sleep and lifestyle habits, environments and attitudes. It contains, in a concise form, most of what we’ll be looking at together.

All the DOs and DON’Ts.

Consider this your cheat-sheet to sleep success. You’ll want to keep this after we’re done to refer to it and make additional progress.

2Pre-appointment prep 2: The Adrenaline Self-Test

This is a short assessment to see how much you tend to rely on adrenaline as a fuel. Knowing this will be handy during our first private session.

3First private Session

Our first appointment is long and thorough (90 min).

  • We go through everything that may have an effect on your sleep and ability to deal with stress.
  • We turn every stone (and it helps that I know what to look for). The Sleep Mastery Program will serve as an orientation map.
  • I give you specific recommendations, tailored just for you.
  • We determine which SleepTracks audios will be optimal for you and when/how to use them.
  • As I help you resolve what may be standing in the way, I train you on a few key techniques to dissolve stress/fear/anxiety when it arises (if appropriate only).
  • I answer your questions.

4Post-appointment homework: The Clean Sweep Program

This program consists of 100 items which, when completed, give you the vitality and strength you want.

You have more energy when you are clear with your environment, health and emotional balance, money and relationships.

Be prepared to be humbled by your initial score… And energized by the progresses you’ll make!

5Second private session

During our second meeting (50 min), two weeks later:

  • We go over what happened since our first conversation, and we address any sticking point or difficulty that may have surfaced in the meantime.
  • We fine-tune your personalized plan.
  • I answer your questions.
  • We go over your current score in the Clean Sweep Program and discuss what improvements will be the easiest and make the biggest difference in your life.
  • You also get more opportunities to use the techniques I showed you, so you can use them later without my assistance.

Bottom line

If you’re feeling isolated, stuck in the same old patterns that keep coming back at you, let’s talk. Don’t stay there alone and confused.

I have worked with peo­ple from all walks of life in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Aus­tralia and other parts of the world. I’m confident that I can help you take care of what stands in the way between you and a life of calm and rest.

Doing so is a game-changer.

General terms

  • You understand that I am not a doctor; I don’t give medical advice. Be sure to check with your men­tal or health care pro­fes­sional if you have ques­tions about a spe­cific medical/​psychological con­di­tion. You are the ulti­mate author­ity regard­ing your own well-​​being.
  • You are also willing to put to the test what I may suggest, and see for yourself if it helps.
  • You REALLY want to upgrade your sleep, your energy and your ability to stay calm under pressure.
  • You can rest assured that everything shared during our sessions is strictly confidential and will not be divulged.


  • Our sessions take place on the phone or, if you have a good internet connection, on Skype. I can call you if you have neither Skype neither a long-distance plan to call to Canada.
  • You make your $245 payment for both sessions and materials using the booking button below. If you see an optin form instead, it means my schedule is full for the time being — enter your email and I’ll notify you when additional spots open.
  • You will also, thanks to my online scheduler, be able to pick right away a first appointment day and time that works for you.

Calm & Well-Rested Coaching Package: $245


“Yan can look at people and figure out what they need to see in their own best interest, and guide them to seeing it. This guiding quality is sophisticated and it’s patient.

He can figure out where a person is and work without opposing them, without fighting how someone already sees something, but walk with them in their own head and move them through a process where they can see something that they otherwise couldn’t.

All without abusing power: If ever I saw a person that would use just enough force, it would have to be him…”

Paul Richards — Founder, Senté Center (

Not exactly what you’re looking for?

If what I detail above doesn’t fit your specific needs, let me know. I work on a longer-term basis with a handful of clients who want their life to be both inspired and inspiring.

I’ll be happy to discuss that with you. Call me at 418-800-9988.



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