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What keeps you up at night may have nothing to do with sleep and everything to do with what you do (or don’t do) with your daytime life

I’m talking about things like:

  • answering the call of your own purpose;
  • finding the soulmate you long for;
  • getting out of the rut you’re in at work and moving toward something more fulfilling;
  • finding more peace and harmony in your relationship with your spouse and children;
  • finally launching into this differed-for-so-long big dream of yours, whatever it may be.

All things that have a chance of becoming a reality ONLY if you decide to take action and get moving.

When focusing on what ails you is a distraction

If what keeps you up at night is of that nature, focusing on sleep is merely a distraction.

An obstacle on the journey. But not the journey itself. Not the goal of the journey.

Sure, it is crucial to reestablish sound sleep to be able to show up fully in that bigger game you way you want to play. I can help you with that.

But focusing so much on this or that physical ailment (including sleep issues) may be a convenient way to distract you from what, deep down, you know you should do with your life.

The fact is: many people have found that their intractable insomnia or their persistent chronic fatigue began to magically lift when they started to listen to the cues their body was sending them (“Hello! Hello! Something’s not working here!”)… And had the courage to make some significant changes to their life.

Today I want to ask you, along with poet Mary Oliver:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

When you go to bed at night, can you say to yourself: “I did what I had to do, I received what I had to receive, I gave what I have to give”?

Could you say the same if you were to die one year from now?

Every thing not completed, not fulfilled can come haunt you at night. Because that’s when you’re not distracted by all the noises and the activity and the busyness. That’s when you’re not moving your body. And so that’s when the small little inside voice can be heard loud and clear.

An unlived dream can turn you into a restless soul — even if you try not to think about it during the day. As it tries to reach out to you while you lie down in your bed, you’ll wonder why peaceful sleep is eluding you.

My invitation

It may well be that the only thing keeping you from sleeping well is a combination of a few bad habits with some accrued fear around not sleeping.

If that is the case, then the program is really all you need.

If the fear has gotten out of proportions, and/or if you really struggle to pinpoint what exactly is going on and in what way you may be sabotaging your sleep, then taking an appointment for two sessions of sleep coaching would be recommended.

But if you’re lying awake at night because you’re not living a fulfilling life…

If you’re wondering whether you’re wasting your existence… If you have the sense that you ought to do “something else” with your one wild and precious life…

Then I invite you to take an appointment with me for a free 60-min conversation.

Not so that you can pick my brain and have me “fix” you in an hour — coaching is powerful and I’m great at what I do, but it’s not within my powers to have you live the life of your dreams in one session (big surprise!).

The purpose of this conversation is to:

  • help you gain greater perspective and discover new possibilities;
  • create a crystal clear vision of what you really want;
  • and discover how you can go toward it.
  • Find how you can stop being the victim of your circumstances;
  • uncover the obstacles that are standing in your way;
  • and start moving in the direction of what would truly be wonderful for you.

You’ll leave the session re-energized and inspired to finally achieve what you seek.

And you’ll be ready to take the first step!

If you’re wondering “What’s next for me?”

… and if that question has started poisoning your nights because it fills you with anxiety and doubt, then do not wait. Do not let that situation poison you any longer.

Join me on the phone or on Skype, wherever you are in the world, for a free 60-min. coaching session.

Not a sleep consultation

IMPORTANT NOTE: the purpose of this call is NOT to have me fix your sleep issues. Altough we can discuss how sleep is coming up as an obstacle to what you want to accomplish (and I will certainly offer insights on how to solve that problem), we won’t focus mainly on that.

I’m not going to put on my expert hat and spend an hour consulting for free on that subject. If you’re just interested in solving your sleep issues without looking at the bigger picture, then hire me on that page.

What I promise you

  • I won’t sugar-coat anything, yet you will have my unconditional support.
  • I will show up fully, and will hold nothing back. We will go as far as possible during our one hour together (which can be very far if you show up fully too).
  • I won’t try to convince you to buy anything or manipulate you in any way.
  • I won’t expect you to do anything except be fully present while we talk.
  • The content of our conversation will be totally confidential.
  • I might invite you to continue coaching with me, but only if we are both inspired by that possibility.

Sounds like a good fit for what you need? Then come in while the window is open. To book your “Inspired Discovery” coaching conversation with me:

Book Session

IMPORTANT: After reserving your spot and picking a date that works for you, you’ll receive a questionnaire by email. Take the time to fill it and send it back to me right away.

Your answers will help me determine whether I’m the right person to work with you or not. If I decline your application, I’ll refer you to more appropriate resources/persons.

Your ally,


P.S. If you want to read more about what I’m up to with coaching, who I am, etc, pay a visit to my personal site — there’s a slightly longer explanation of what I just wrote on that page.

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