Reboot your brain for sound sleep

How this health-​​first pro­gram will help you escape insomnia’s vicious cir­cle — where other meth­ods have failed

3 crit­i­cal steps for restored sleep: Brain­wave reboot | Con­fi­dence reboot | Habit reboot

womaneyesclosedAn overview of the Sleep­Tracks Sleep Opti­miza­tion Pro­gram by its cre­ator, Yan Muckle

Have you noticed how the more sleep-​​deprived you are, the more you dread going to bed… and the more sleep seems to elude you?

And have you noticed how the more anx­ious, depressed, and zoned out it makes you feel, the eas­ier you fall prey to stress, ill­ness and dis­ease… and the more it seems as if insom­nia is start­ing to have a stronger hold on you?

If so, you’re trapped within insomnia’s vicious circle.

And here’s what you’ll dis­cover on this page:


  • 1 You can escape from that vicious cir­cle. Insom­nia is NOT some­thing you need to “learn to live with” — even if you have been plagued by poor sleep for years.
  • 2 A few “com­mon sense” (but often counter-​​intuitive) changes, along with cutting-​​edge brain tech­nol­ogy, can be all you need to reboot your brain and restore your body’s innate abil­ity to sleep naturally.
  • 3 All it takes is the desire to get your life back on track, and let the Sleep­Tracks Pro­gram work for you.

The bless­ings of sleep­ing soundly

Imag­ine that instead of tak­ing hours to fall asleep, you’re off in less than 15 min­utes. You sleep through the night, and wake up refreshed. If you do wake up to go to the bath­room, you get back to sleep within minutes…

  • white-flowerInstead of feel­ing run­down all day, you have the energy to do what you want to do.
  • At work, you’re more pro­duc­tive. You feel cre­ative and find solu­tions instead of liv­ing in a per­pet­ual fog.
  • At home, you are more patient with your loved ones and can enjoy being with them again, instead of being irri­tated all the time.
  • You’re not con­stantly look­ing for cof­fee and pick-​​me-​​ups. You eas­ily deal with lit­tle annoy­ances that seemed like huge prob­lems when you were sleep-​​deprived.
  • You get your mojo back! As the effects of sleep depri­va­tion dis­si­pate, depres­sive and anx­ious feel­ings subside.

You already know that a good night’s sleep changes one’s out­look on life in the most amaz­ing way. But is it really within your reach?

Like many peo­ple who come to Sleep­Tracks, you’ve prob­a­bly tried many things already… and noth­ing worked for long, if at all. You may be thinking:

“I’ve tried every­thing and noth­ing works. Seems like I’ve for­got­ten how to sleep!”

4853943911_6436c6b44c_zYou’ve become skep­ti­cal… and almost resigned. True, the obsta­cles seem overwhelming:

Our mind is in hyper­ac­tive drive all the time. Daily stress, wor­ries and anx­i­eties make it very dif­fi­cult to let go of the day. We lie in the dark, our heads spin­ning thoughts like mad, while we try to relax.

Yet try­ing to relax — and try­ing to stop think­ing, and try­ing to force our­selves to sleep — just leads to the exact oppo­site: more ten­sion and more frus­tra­tion.

Also, sleep is more com­plex than it seems. It’s a dynamic event, dur­ing which many things need to occur if we want our sleep to be reju­ve­nat­ing. Throw in a lit­tle too much alco­hol, some anx­ious thoughts, a chronic pain, or an unre­solved prob­lem that pops up in the mid­dle of the night — and the whole cycle is compromised.

No won­der we often fall prey to what passes as a solu­tion but is in real­ity a big threat: sleep­ing pills.

Why you should stay away from sleep­ing pills

I’ve been help­ing thou­sands of peo­ple with their sleep issues since 2007, and you can’t imag­ine the num­ber of folks who tell me their sleep and health have been ruined or made worse by sleep medications.

DepressionEven though they are less toxic than the first gen­er­a­tion of ben­zo­di­azepines, Ambien and other new “Z” class drugs are not with­out side-​​effects. On the con­trary, they can induce:

  • short-​​term amnesia
  • hal­lu­ci­na­tions
  • sleep­walk­ing episodes
  • weight gain and binge eating
  • dri­ving impair­ment and higher risks of auto­mo­bile accidents
  • next-​​day grog­gi­ness and day­time fatigue

But the biggest dan­ger is that sleep drugs DO NOT cor­rect the prob­lems that lead to sleep depri­va­tion and insomnia.

And they don’t even pro­vide you with the sleep you actu­ally need! Instead, they trick you by alter­ing your sense of time and putting your body in a slum­ber that is not equal to nat­ural deep sleep. Fool’s gold…

Worse, the pills stop being “effec­tive” after a few weeks, leav­ing you with an aggra­vated prob­lem. Out of des­per­a­tion, you’re tempted to increase the dosage or try another med­ica­tion… and find your­self load­ing your body’s cells with more and more toxic chemicals.

For­tu­nately, the truth is that…

Deep down, your body/​mind already knows how to sleep naturally

— even if you think it has for­got­ten. Even if you think you are in some way flawed in regard to your abil­ity to sleep, your body still knows.

But it needs some remind­ing and re-​​training. It needs a reboot.

reboot-computerWhen a com­puter starts act­ing weird, slug­gish or unre­spon­sive, we don’t adopt the belief that it is in its “nature” to be buggy. We don’t say, “I guess I’ll have to live with that buggy computer.”

No. We bring it to a tech guy, who will rid the com­puter of what is caus­ing the prob­lem by run­ning an antivirus or delet­ing the con­flict­ing code. And then he reboots the com­puter, so that all processes can start anew.

Often­times, all that is needed is the reboot itself.

As humans, we are way more com­plex than com­put­ers. Yet our sleep issues are very much like com­puter bugs — except that the bugs are run­ning in our brain, which requires some sort of reboot. And this is what the Sleep­Tracks Sleep Opti­miza­tion Pro­gram provides:

A brain reboot for renewed sleep,
done by act­ing at 3 lev­els simultaneously:

1– Brain­wave reboot: Fos­ter sleep-​​inducing brainwaves

One-​​of-​​a-​​kind audio ses­sions designed to reboot your brain’s capac­ity for sound sleep, guide it through, and help it stay there

Every night we go through sev­eral sleep “cycles”. Within each cycle we pass through sev­eral stages of pro­gres­sively deeper and deeper lev­els of sleep, dur­ing which our brain activ­ity slows down and our body restores itself… after which our brain gets very active again as we dream and process infor­ma­tion… and then start to dive back down for another cycle.

That is, if all goes well…

But as you know, things don’t always go well: our brain can’t seem to slow down at night, and we lie awake. Or we get light and rest­less sleep, so much so that our body can­not enter the deep restora­tive mode it so des­per­ately needs.

Enter the Sleep­Tracks audios and their unique abil­ity to gen­tly steer you in the direc­tion of truly sound sleep…


What makes them unique? They are the world’s only sleep audios to com­bine the power of two dif­fer­ent tech­nolo­gies: brain­wave entrain­ment and suggestions.

Help­ing your brain­waves find their groove

Brain­wave entrain­ment has been used since the ’80s to strengthen mem­ory; increase focus and con­cen­tra­tion; and treat atten­tion deficit dis­or­der, depres­sion… and insomnia.

It con­sists of sub­tle, rhyth­mic pulses that can gen­tly and safely guide your brain toward deep sleep.

But how does it work?

Your brain has four pri­mary states, marked by brain­waves in four spe­cific ranges. From the fastest to slow­est, they are: Beta (active think­ing); Alpha (relaxed, inspired state); Theta (sleep, deep med­i­ta­tion); and Delta (deep, dream­less sleep).

If you lis­ten to a rhyth­mic sound for a while — a drum for exam­ple — and con­cen­trate on it for a few min­utes, a change will hap­pen. Your brain will start to sync itself to the rhythm, and gen­er­ate brain­waves that will vibrate at the same rate per sec­ond as the sound you hear. It’s a nat­ural phenomenon.

brainwave_entrainmentHere’s a visual example.

These images show the elec­tri­cal activ­ity in somebody’s brain. On the left is a snap­shot of what goes on in that brain before the exper­i­ment. And on the right, you can see what hap­pens if we expose that per­son to a sound pul­sat­ing at 10 beats per sec­ond. After just 6 min­utes, the brain picked up on the 10 beats per sec­ond pulse, and started to pro­duce more brain­waves in the same alpha range.

The pulses in the Sleep Tracks work the exact same way. As the ses­sion pro­gresses, the speed and pitch of these pulses evolve, guid­ing your brain along.

You just have to close your eyes and lis­ten

Dif­fer­ent tracks will have dif­fer­ent pur­poses. You’ll lis­ten to them at dif­fer­ent times, depend­ing on your spe­cific sit­u­a­tion (each audio ses­sion is described fur­ther down the page).

2– Con­fi­dence reboot: Fear is sleep’s #1 enemy

3651344537_ca1f1e70c1_zThe pri­mary bar­rier to healthy sleep is some ver­sion of the fol­low­ing belief: “I’m con­demned to sleep­ing badly; this is who I am and there’s noth­ing I can do about it except learn to cope”.

Along with this belief comes a mul­ti­tude of fears around sleep, bed­time, night­time, being tired, not being able to go through the day, becom­ing sick, and so on. These fears cre­ate ten­sion, anx­i­ety, and a whole mind­set of bat­tling with insom­nia as if we were our own enemy.

As you’ve prob­a­bly expe­ri­enced your­self, the only thing this mind­set cre­ates is more dif­fi­culty falling asleep.

But when we are in a deeply relaxed state, like what hap­pens when we lis­ten to the Sleep Tracks, we become much more recep­tive to other pos­si­bil­i­ties. This is what hyp­no­sis and other sim­i­lar modal­i­ties do: they help us become recep­tive enough so that new pos­si­bil­i­ties can come into reality.

And this is why two of the Program’s audios have been enhanced with gen­tle suggestions.

5032748304_64915d14ff_zThe sec­ond “tech­nol­ogy” at play in the Sleep­Tracks audios: WORDS.

When you lis­ten to Insom­nia Buster and Fall Asleep, along with the sounds and pulses you’ll hear a sooth­ing fem­i­nine voice. She’ll be there to invite you to let go of the day and its wor­ries. She’ll gen­tly sug­gest you to let go of the habits that don’t ben­e­fit you, and prompt you to replace them with bet­ter ones.

No fear though: there is noth­ing hid­den, noth­ing manip­u­la­tive going on here. Think of it as a guided med­i­ta­tion that will allow you to relax more and relieve your­self from the stress that has been hold­ing on to you.

Gen­tle, yet pow­er­ful stuff.

And both of these audios are avail­able in a ver­sion with­out voice as well, should you pre­fer it that way.

3 more ways the Pro­gram will help restore your confidence

3– Habit reboot: Do what works

cloverSound sleep can­not be built on the foun­da­tions of poor mind/​body health. This is why Sleep­Tracks is a “health-​​first” pro­gram: it has been cre­ated from the ground up with your long-​​term health in mind.

Every­thing in the pro­gram is designed to help you raise the bar: the audio ses­sions, the Opti­mal Sleep Course, the sleep coach­ing by email… all these help you become a health­ier, more func­tional, more resilient, bet­ter rested YOU.

In other words: I won’t encour­age you to go after the quick fix if it is going to bite you in the long run. (Pills, anyone?)


The cru­cial impor­tance of Habits

One ele­ment has more influ­ence than any­thing else on the kind of life we have — and the sleep we get: our habits. The lit­tle things we do every day. The food we eat. The thoughts we entertain.

Some of them will be con­ducive to an ener­gized day and a rest­ful night. And some will pave the way to just the opposite.

But as we all know, chang­ing habits is never easy. And since we’re far from being at our best when sleep-​​deprived, the tasks seem even more daunting.

We mostly face two problems:

Rest easy: you’ll soon know what to do and how to do it. You’ll be helped by the sug­ges­tions embed­ded in the audio ses­sions, and steered in the right direc­tion with the Fast Start Guide and the Opti­mal Sleep mul­ti­me­dia course.

Before long, you’ll reach mas­tery; you’ll han­dle stress bet­ter when it shows up, let anx­i­ety flow past you, and truly wel­come sleep when bed­time comes. Best of all, you won’t describe your­self as an insom­niac any­more.

What people say

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I have gone to many doctors and have spent thousands of dollars on medications
I now sleep through the night
The real me has come back to life, and I had come to believe she was gone forever
I wake up feeling rested and refreshed, like when I was in my 20’s
I told myself this was my last time trying
My background as M.D. gives me a lot of facts and insight into my own sleep problems
I’m sleeping so much better I actually have a life again
I was a bit skeptical at first and didn’t know what I was getting myself into
99% of the time I am able to sleep 7+ hours
I have tried medication, but I can’t stand the side effects

I have gone to many doctors and have spent thousands of dollars on medications

Dan Newmark, Presentation Designer, New York

“I don’t think I have ever writ­ten a fan let­ter for a prod­uct before. I set your “Whole Night w Music.mp3” track on my iPhone to con­tin­u­ously repeat­ing and put it in my lit­tle speaker-​​dock when I go to sleep. It’s amazing!

I have used one type or another pre­scrip­tion sleep med­ica­tion for 10 years and gave them up about 6 months ago because of the expense and because they made me feel like a drug addict. While I would never go back to them–especially cos they stopped working–I hadn’t found any­thing since until I dis­cov­ered your prod­uct. Now I sleep almost all the way through the night!

I lost one of my free­lance jobs a cou­ple of months back because I fell asleep in a meet­ing. My nerves were con­stantly frayed and I was con­stantly on edge and short of patience. I have gone to many doc­tors and have spent thou­sands of dol­lars on med­ica­tions, both pre­scrip­tion and over the counter. Mela­tonin? A joke! Tylenol PM? For­get about it! I’m not sure why, but all my life, from the time I was a small child, I have dreaded bed­time. Now I actu­ally look for­ward to it! Per­haps I am being pre­ma­ture since I’ve only been using your prod­uct for a week, but so far I am VERY impressed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I now sleep through the night

Don Guy, Vacation Quest, Utah

“Just wanted you to know that after over 15 years of sleep­less nights thanks to your pro­gram I now sleep through the night (except for a trip to the bathroom)!

I walked on my tread mill for 30 min­utes today sim­ply because I felt such a high after a good night’s sleep!  I have not use our tread­mill for many months.  Also, my wife got up 2 hours early with me because she was so thrilled that I slept well.

I am 71 years of age and have bat­tled with sleep for many years.  I put in a long day’s work  5 days a week.  I need my sleep!

Thanks so much!”

The real me has come back to life, and I had come to believe she was gone forever

Mariann McCabe, psychotherapist, London, UK

“I am absolutely amazed, Yan, that so many of my symp­toms have cleared up in less than two weeks, and that is with the sound equip­ment in a dif­fer­ent room to the one I sleep in! I now won­der if the whole cause of my col­lapse two years ago was insom­nia. I have chased up so many alleys try­ing to solve my health prob­lems, but with sleep tracks it’s sim­ple, the real me has come back to life, and I had come to believe she was gone forever.

How can I thank you enough for THAT!

I am rec­om­mend­ing you to some­one every day, there are a lot of us out there.”

UPDATE by email 7 months later: “First you helped me so much with my sleep, I still lis­ten EVERY NIGHT to Whole Night. And then of course my health issues started clear­ing up…”

I wake up feeling rested and refreshed, like when I was in my 20’s

Kirsten Geans, Homemaker, California

“I was diag­nosed Bipo­lar and given sleep­ing pills (Lunesta). They worked for about a year and then I stopped sleep­ing all of a sud­den. I tried everything–meds (Ambien, rosarem, trasi­done, sonata, etc) and over the counter junk (uni­som, tylenol pm). I felt ter­ri­ble and every­thing was get­ting worse and worse. I even tried another sleep CD pro­gram that just made the mania of my bipo­lar off the charts. What I was doing was actu­ally mak­ing me sleep worse and feel terrible.

When I saw the Sleep­Track infor­ma­tion I thought it looked like a good, solid, com­pre­hen­sive pro­gram that made a lot of sense. I wasn’t sure it would work for me because of my bipo­lar but I was will­ing to try it. I put the mp3 on and after a cou­ple of nights I was falling asleep in five min­utes or less! I have used it every night since–almost a year now. I love it. I wake up feel­ing rested and refreshed, like when I was in my 20’s. Thank you SleepTracks!”

I told myself this was my last time trying

Meagan North, Business Administrator, California

“Thank you so much for Sleep­Tracks. They lit­er­ally saved my life.

I had sleep­ing prob­lems for about 10 years, but one year they inex­plic­a­bly became ter­ri­bly worse. For 2 years I tried every­thing, sleep­ing pills, light ther­apy, behav­ior ther­apy, doc­tors, sleep stud­ies, noth­ing helped. I could barely func­tion at work and almost lost my job for it. I couldn’t work a full work-​​week so I always had to take leave with­out pay and my pay­checks decreased sub­stan­tially, cre­at­ing a huge eco­nomic stress for me. I couldn’t main­tain any kind of social life.

I suf­fered from depres­sion as a result of every­thing. The extreme hope­less­ness I felt, believ­ing there was no hope of things get­ting bet­ter was unbear­able. Almost every day for 2 years I tried to do my own research on a cure, think­ing maybe I missed some­thing last time I looked for answers, maybe this one time I’ll find some­thing dif­fer­ent. I became sui­ci­dal but stum­bled across the Sleep­Tracks site and told myself this was my last time try­ing. If it didn’t work, I would take my own life.

I’ve been using Sleep­Tracks for over a year now. I’m still amazed at how effec­tive is has been for me when noth­ing else worked. It’s been so long since I felt like my life belonged to me, but I finally have it back. Words can­not express how grate­ful I am for your pro­gram and how it has changed my life, all I can say is thank you. So a mil­lion times over, and for the rest of my life…thank you.”

My background as M.D. gives me a lot of facts and insight into my own sleep problems

Laney Chouest, retired physician, New Orleans

“I still owe you a tes­ti­mo­nial. My back­ground as an M.D. gives me a lot of facts and insight into my own sleep problems…

I had been tak­ing pre­scrip­tion sleep med­ica­tions [Ambien] for over 5 years. It stopped work­ing and I sim­ply took more. Still did not work. Nights were very dif­fi­cult — med­ica­tion put me to sleep but I would wake up after 2–3 hours with a strong sym­pa­thetic response (fast pulse, pound­ing heart­beat, wide awake alert). It was a very dif­fi­cult cycle to break. I was really in bad shape due to lack of sleep.

But now it is Sleep Tracks into the ear buds all night. And I no longer have to depend on any­thing syn­thetic to sleep.”

I’m sleeping so much better I actually have a life again

Cheri Peterson, Retired, Wisconsin

“I’ve been intend­ing to write and just haven’t sat down to do it.  One rea­son being I’m sleep­ing so much bet­ter I actu­ally have a life again, thanks to you!  It’s been just over a month now since I started your pro­gram and the change in my sleep is sig­nif­i­cant.  I fall asleep right away.  I still have prob­lems with wak­ing up,  Most times I get back to sleep quickly and that’s really good for me.

I have anx­i­ety issues that have been treated by drugs for much too long.  I may have the anx­i­ety because of the drugs!  I’m on Clon­azepam and Nor­tripty­line.  For almost two years I’ve tried to get off these med­ica­tions.  I did this with­out the help of a pro­fes­sional, although I now know that they are clue­less about how slowly one must taper.

I was a bit skeptical at first and didn’t know what I was getting myself into

Erin Pearson, Health Psychologist, Melbourne, Australia

“I had a baby in May last year and my mum was diag­nosed with ter­mi­nal can­cer 5 months later. I think the sleep prob­lems set in just after my baby was born. I did, off course, expect inter­rupted sleep with a baby, and the first 3 months were exhaust­ing, but I was suc­cess­ful in teach­ing my baby to sleep and she has slept through the night since she was about 4 months old, which is when my sleep prob­lems started… then came my mums diag­no­sis and nights apon nights of not falling asleep until 2-​​3am and wak­ing at 6 with my baby. It is very hard to func­tion as a mum on 3–4 hours of fit­ful sleep…

I have also been fin­ish­ing my PhD and teach­ing at uni. Often, if I didn’t have to go into uni, I would stay in all day and not get out of my paja­mas. I was very reluc­tant to take sleep­ing pills as I have read lots of bad things about them in the course of my stud­ies. I did, how­ever, start to rely on a strong headache tablet which was the only thing that I had access to that seemed to calm me down enough to sleep. I was feel­ing very much like a rat on a wheel, just a futile and end­less spin. My hus­band was get­ting really wor­ried about me and my dif­fi­culty was putting a lot of strain on him and our relationship.

I found your web­site about 2 and a half weeks ago whilst research­ing a well­ness course that I had been asked to write for 2nd year uni­ver­sity stu­dents. I was a bit skep­ti­cal at first and didn’t know what I was get­ting myself into…

99% of the time I am able to sleep 7+ hours

Karen Blaser, Speech-language Pathologist, Ohio

“I pur­chased your Sleep Track pro­gram in Novem­ber 2011.  I was expe­ri­enc­ing wak­ing up in the mid­dle of the night with­out being able to get back to sleep for quite a while.  I fol­lowed your direc­tions about lisent­ing to Whole Night every day for 2 months.  I am extremely happy to report that I can now sleep well and go back to sleep eas­ily when wak­ing in the mid­dle of the night.

I rou­tinely play the Whole Night cd on a repeat set­ting through­out the night.  99% of the time I am able to sleep 7+ hours.  The few rare occur­rences that I can­not fall back to sleep are iso­lated inci­dents that are fol­lowed by a good night’s rest the fol­low­ing night. THANK YOU GREATLY!

P.S.  I also enjoy using your Anx­i­ety Ease cd when med­i­tat­ing dur­ing the day.”

I have tried medication, but I can’t stand the side effects

Colleen Hunter, Conroe, Texas

“I want to thank you so much for offer­ing your sleep tapes. I have had prob­lems sleep­ing for the past 10 years. The last three have been a night­mare. I have tried med­ica­tion, but I can not stand the side effects.

I have tried many tapes, but yours have been magic. I have had them for 5 days and for the 5 nights I have slept all night. I wake up and go back to sleep. I am just using the Insom­nia Buster tape. I don’t feel I need to do any­more right now. I am afraid that I will jinx myself, so I have not said too much about them to any­one. When my hus­band says, how did you sleep, I can hon­estly say I slept good. I can’t say thank you enough for your tapes. I have so much energy. I don’t feel slug­gish or foggy any­more. It is sim­ply amazing!”

What is included in the Program

Unique audio ses­sions + mul­ti­me­dia resources & sup­port = restored sleep

Here are the actual tools that will help you reboot your brain and beat insom­nia once and for all.

Before going to sleep


1 Insom­nia Buster

This first audio ses­sion will truly reboot your brain to sleep soundly over the course of a few weeks. You’ll lis­ten to this one BEFORE going to bed, because its pur­pose is NOT to have you fall asleep (even though it fre­quently pro­duces this effect).

Insom­nia Buster stim­u­lates a brain­wave range called “sensory-​​motor rhythm” (SMR), which is typ­i­cally in low sup­ply in peo­ple who sleep badly, caus­ing unnec­es­sary strug­gle. A must for every­one fol­low­ing the Program.

Lis­ten to these in bed

When bed­time comes, you’ll have your choice of either Fall Asleep or Whole Night. Per­sonal pref­er­ences play a big part here, and you’ll have to exper­i­ment to see which one you best respond to. Both will gen­tly guide your brain into pro­duc­ing more of those spe­cific, sleep induc­ing brain­waves, and less of others.


2 Fall Asleep

This track will lead you once from awak­ened state to deep sleep — per­fect if you have a hard time falling asleep.


3 Whole Night

Whole Night is played on loop through the night, as it mim­ics a nor­mal sleep cycle — best if you tend to wake up repeatedly.

Sup­port dur­ing the day

Two addi­tional entrain­ment ses­sions are included in the Pro­gram to help you nav­i­gate tricky parts of the day:

4 Anx­i­ety Ease

If you’re like most Sleep­Tracks friends, stress and anx­i­ety is an issue… and the worst you can do is wait until you’re in bed to take care of it. Now, you’ll be able to lis­ten to Anx­i­ety Ease when­ever stress builds up and anx­i­ety creeps in. It will help you relax and let go while remain­ing fully alert.


5 Power Nap

This ses­sion is a pre­cious aid to help you extend your day and have the same amount of energy dur­ing the evening as you would if you had just woken up ready for the day. Lim­it­ing a nap to 20 min­utes will NOT dis­turb your night­time sleep cycles! It’s the per­fect way to give your­self a short but deeply refresh­ing “time out”.

Sleep tips, best prac­tices and errors to avoid

To get the most out of the Pro­gram, it is opti­mal to add another ingre­di­ent: prac­ti­cal knowledge.

Hav­ing a com­plete pic­ture of how to opti­mize your days and your sleep will dra­mat­i­cally boost your chances of suc­cess (if you imple­ment what you learn!).


6 Fast Start Guide

If you’re won­der­ing which audios will work for you, and how to use them prop­erly, no worry: the Fast Start Guide is a sim­ple doc­u­ment that will show you what you need to know to make the best use of the ses­sions. Just a few min­utes and you’ll be ready to get going.

A pre­cious sum­mary of all the best prac­tices, sug­ges­tions and tips to restore your sleep and get the most out of the Program.

7 Opti­mal Sleep Course

This enter­tain­ing mul­ti­me­dia course has been designed to empower you. You need to know WHAT the obsta­cles are in YOUR sit­u­a­tion… and HOW you can over­come them! Knowl­edge truly is power here.

The course is divided in 5 sec­tions, all avail­able for imme­di­ate view­ing in the mem­bers area (no spe­cial equip­ment needed — just click to play each video).

Here’s a glimpse of what you will discover:

Dis­cover the secrets of the sleep waves

Take con­trol over your sleep and
uncover how sleep actu­ally works

  • How to super­charge your day by learn­ing to ride the 3 waves gov­ern­ing your sleep and your energy level
  • Why you’re feel­ing sleepy in the after­noon, and what to do about it
  • The two rea­sons you feel slug­gish dur­ing the day and rest­less at night
  • Why sleep pres­sure keeps build­ing up more and more every hour you stay awake, and what sim­ple thing you can do to stop it from mak­ing you miserable
  • Why wak­ing up at the right time will make you feel like a mil­lion bucks – and why wak­ing up just half an hour later can make you feel like a wreak for hours…
Super­charge your days and deepen your nights

Leave slug­gish­ness behind and be at your best dur­ing the day

  • What fac­tor is almost always the cul­prit of poor sleep
  • Why you must care about your days before wor­ry­ing about your nights
  • Why you may be suf­fer­ing from win­ter blues all year long with­out know­ing it – and how you can reverse those effects in 20 minutes
  • The para­dox­i­cal (but inescapable) thing you need to do in order to stop feel­ing tired
  • The real rea­son why grow­ing old makes your sleep become light and fragmented
  • Six sim­ple things you can do every morn­ing to make sure you start the day ener­gized instead of sluggish…
Max­i­mize your sleep

Sleep on com­mand and ben­e­fit the most from the time you spend in bed

  • Why the (false) belief that every­body needs 8 hours of sleep to be healthy might have led you to insomnia
  • How to deter­mine how much sleep you really need
  • Why you may not be suf­fer­ing from insom­nia at all, even if you think you do
  • Four things you can do to reset your sleep clock if you have trou­ble falling asleep or find your­self wak­ing up too early
  • The supris­ing – and extremely effi­cient – anti­dote to tak­ing an eter­nity to fall asleep
  • Four tips to unwind from the day and leave stress behind…
Get rid of the sleep enemies

Iden­tify and elim­i­nate what still stands between you and restora­tive sleep

  • How to stop the habit of wor­ry­ing your way to a sleep­less night – with­out actu­ally doing any­thing special
  • When you should refrain from eat­ing heavy food, fatty food or protein-​​rich meals
  • How to know if your snor­ing is in fact a life-​​endangering con­di­tion called apnea
  • Eight things you can do to alle­vi­ate apnea so you regain sound sleep while avoid­ing cum­ber­some and expen­sive equipment
  • Four things to do if you have itch­ing, crawl­ing sen­sa­tions in the legs that pre­vent you to sleep…
Nap your way to pro­duc­tiv­ity and peak energy

Highly effec­tive ways to sleep less and live more

  • How to sleep less, live more and gain one to two pro­duc­tive hours each day
  • What is “core sleep” and how much of it you need to main­tain opti­mal health
  • What sleep pro­gram NASA pilots are fol­low­ing to max­i­mize their alert­ness and per­for­mance dur­ing extended flights
  • Why you always failed at nap­ping or got mediocre results, and how to become a mas­ter at it
  • Seven keys to nap any­where and fall asleep fast
  • And more!


Is the Pro­gram for you? Yes, if:

  • You cur­rently take sleep­ing pills and want to break free
  • You have trou­ble falling asleep
  • You wake up repeat­edly dur­ing the night
  • You wake up after a few hours and can’t fall asleep again
  • You can’t sleep for days on end
  • Your over­ac­tive mind and stressed body keep you awake
  • Anx­i­ety keeps you awake
  • You’re tired all the time even when you spend a long time in bed
  • You suf­fer from a light case of sleep apnea

But the Pro­gram is NOT for you if:

  • You’re epilep­tic or prone to seizure; you’re preg­nant; or you wear a pace­maker. You could still ben­e­fit from the Opti­mal Sleep Course, but please refrain from using the audio ses­sions as the pulses might affect you neg­a­tively (bet­ter safe than sorry).
  • Your con­di­tion requires spe­cial med­ical or psy­chi­atric atten­tion. I’m not a doc­tor and have never played one on TV… Please read the health dis­claimer at the bot­tom of this page.
  • You’re look­ing for a magic pill. Big Pharma spends a lot of money to lead you to believe that their pill is a magic pill — but it’s not. It will just make your prob­lem worse. The “magic pill” is magic only for those who sell it.

    Yes, the audio ses­sions will do most of the “heavy lift­ing”: the brain­wave entrain­ment por­tion will put your brain in a sleep-​​inducing state, and the embed­ded sug­ges­tions will allow you to adopt sleep-​​friendly habits. But you’ll still have some work to do. Years of bad sleep habits will prob­a­bly take more than one night to reverse itself, espe­cially if you’re cur­rently tak­ing any kind of mood sup­port or sleep medication.

    The Pro­gram can help, but you need to use it prop­erly and be patient with yourself.

“Don’t lose sleep over it” Guarantee

I can’t promise that the Pro­gram will make you sleep bet­ter. But I CAN promise that you will get a prompt and cour­te­ous refund if it doesn’t. So you really have noth­ing to risk by tak­ing the pro­gram on a 60-​​day test drive — and every­thing to gain.

guaranteeI feel con­fi­dent in offer­ing that guar­an­tee because, since 2007, the Pro­gram has made a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence for the vast major­ity of those who have given it a seri­ous try (read what peo­ple say here).

My inten­tion is for you to sleep deeply with­out pills, regain con­trol of your life, and restore your abil­ity to live life to the fullest.

So here is my suggestion:

Give the Pro­gram a seri­ous try over the next few weeks. If you find that your sleep doesn’t improve sig­nif­i­cantly… Sim­ply ask for a refund within 60 days and you will promptly get 100% of your money back. If you got CDs in the mail, kindly send them back in good order and I’ll issue the refund as soon as I receive them. No has­sle, no fine print.

I want to make sure there are no obsta­cles stand­ing between you and the pos­si­bil­ity of restored sleep.

Ready to escape insomnia’s vicious cir­cle and reboot your brain
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“But I’m not computer-​​savvy!”

question-mark-red-2Again, no wor­ries: inside the mem­bers area you’ll find detailed video instruc­tions on how to access and use the dif­fer­ent com­po­nents of the Pro­gram, how to down­load the audios, etc.

And if you pre­fer to get CDs shipped to your door, select that option.

Fur­ther­more, should you need any assis­tance, we are here to help. Sim­ply sub­mit your ques­tion by email.

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