Watch the video first, then read on below — I have an important message for you...

If you want to regain control over your sleep (and your life), read carefully as this is for you:

Yan Muckle struggled with
insomnia most of his life...
and now sleeps like a baby.

As I mentioned in the video with my quirky accent, up until 2 years ago, I was plagued by insomnia as well.

It would take me hours to fall asleep. I would also awaken repeatedly every night, and then struggle to get back to sleep. My mind would start its merry-go-round and run without respite until dawn. I would routinely spend hours glancing at the clock with growing despair.

Very, very frustrating...

So I started to investigate. Was I suffering from a disease? Was it the way I ate, or the way I thought? What could I do? I really needed to understand, and find a way to change my situation. I was truly tired of being tired...

And I gradually uncovered extremely surprising and little-known facts about sleep and how the brain works during sleep.

I also learned about a proven technology that can work wonders with anyone's brain activity

... and, in this case, that can condition your brain for sound, optimal sleep.

You won't sleep if your brain is fired
up, no matter how hard you try!

This audio technology is called “brainwave entrainment”. I won’t bore you with the technical details today, but let’s just say that it has been used since the 80’s to strengthen memory, increase focus and concentration, treat ADHD, depression and, among other things… insomnia.

The rhythmic nature of the pulses embedded into the audio sessions safely and gently guide your brain into sleep — and help it stay asleep.

What’s cool is that you can’t develop any dependency to them, and they have no negative side-effects. Unlike sleeping pills, they help you become healthier. And because of their long-lasting effects, you don’t need to listen to them forever.

But let me tell you Laney Chouest's story...

How a retired M.D. from New Orleans broke his 5-year addiction to Ambien, and now sleeps peacefully…

Laney is a retired physician from New Orleans. He was in pretty bad shape from lack of sleep and sleep meds consumption. I'm sure you can imagine that easily: the classic chronic insomniac who completely lost trust in his own ability to sleep...

You'd think that being an M.D. would give him the upper-hand when dealing with his own sleep problems. But no. The fact is that doctors struggle with their sleep as much as you and I... and the only "solution" they have in their arsenal when they can't sleep, is to pop a pill.

MDs receive VERY little education about sleep and insomnia during their training... and they get their info about sleeping pills from the marketing reps of the major pharmaceutical companies.

For 5 long years, Laney tried to force himself to sleep with a pill, Ambien. You can't even imagine the number of people who tell me their sleep and health has been ruined by this particular medication. Sadly, it's also the most frequently prescribed...

Sleeping pills are dangerous for you

Ambien and other new “Z” class drugs are not without side-effects, on the contrary. Not only do they NOT address the real mental causes of insomnia, but they can also induce:

  • short-term amnesia
  • hallucinations
  • sleeping-walking episodes
  • weight gain and binge eating
  • driving impairment and higher risks of automobile accidents
  • next day grogginess and daytime fatigue

And the worst is maybe that they stop working after a few weeks or months, after which your sleep is even more disrupted. Talk about contributing to insomnia's vicious circle from Hell!

Out of desperation, Laney tried my program even though he was skeptical. Two months later I received this email from him:

I no longer have to depend on anything synthetic to sleep

“I still owe you a testimonial. My background as an M.D. gives me a lot of facts and insight into my own sleep problems…

I had been taking prescription sleep medications [Ambien] for over 5 years. It stopped working and I simply took more. Still did not work. Nights were very difficult — medication put me to sleep but I would wake up after 2-3 hours with a strong sympathetic response (fast pulse, pounding heartbeat, wide awake alert). It was a very difficult cycle to break. I was really in bad shape due to lack of sleep.

But now it is Sleep Tracks into the ear buds all night. And I no longer have to depend on anything synthetic to sleep.

Laney Chouest, retired physician, New Orleans”

The testimonials presented on this site were submitted without any compensation or incentive. Please note that they are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others. They are also not indicative of future performance or success. See our full testimonial and typical results disclosure statement here.

As several thousands other users, sleep problems are a thing of the past for Laney now. Imagine that instead of taking hours to fall asleep, you're off in less than 15 minutes. You literally sleep like a baby and never wake up during the night anymore (if you do wake up to go to the bathroom, you get back to sleep within minutes).

You spend less time in bed... And instead of feeling rundown all day, you're full of energy to do all you want to do.

To make a long story short, in 2007, I found a way to package the results of that research into an easy-to-use program that any insomnia sufferer could put to use. I started to offer it on that little website. And even though I had almost zero marketing budget, the word spread...

Here's what is included, and how it will help you:

Track #1: Insomnia Buster

The purpose of this audio session is not to put you to sleep (even though it does so quite frequently), but to re-train your brain’s activity during the day, so you’ll sleep soundly at night.

If you’re not particularly anxious or tense, but can’t get to sleep because your mind is producing non-stop chatter, this 25 minute track is for you.

Track #2: Fall Asleep

Have you noticed how trying to sleep is a recipe for disaster? Listen to this session instead and let yourself be guided gently from being awake… to drowsy… to profoundly asleep, in minutes instead of hours. Perfect if you have trouble falling asleep.

Studies have shown that tensed and anxious people get better results with this kind of entrainment. The Fall Asleep track has been designed to lead your brain progressively into slower and slower brainwaves, making you sink deeper and deeper.

Track #3: Whole Night

The third track is for you if you happen to wake up frequently during the night and have trouble going back to sleep, or if you suffer from light, fragmented sleep.

Did you know that your sleep is divided into cycles of approximately 90 minutes? Each night, you go into the different phases of sleep several times: going from light sleep to deep sleep, then light sleep again, after which you normally have a period of dreaming...

And then you wake up :(

But you shouldn’t. You should emerge from deep sleep just enough to change position without actually waking up, and then sink again.

Well, the Whole Night track actually mimics a normal sleep cycle and helps you maintain it through the night.

If you’re wondering which tracks will work best for you, and how to use them properly, no worry: you’ll also have in your hands the…

Bonus 1: Fast Start Guide

This is a simple document in which I explain without jargon what you need to know to make the best use of the sessions. Just a few minutes and you’re ready to go. I cover:

  • What specific track(s) to use for your particular situation
  • Brainwave entrainment best practices
  • 10 steps to optimal sleep and peak energy
  • Frequently asked questions

That’s it. With those 4 elements in your hands, you’ll be on your way to peaceful, restorative sleep.

Here’s what Kevin Ross, who suffered from insomnia all his life, had to say (read more on the success stories page):

I can't thank you enough for how you have improved the quality of my life

“I am 50 years old and have been on one prescription sleep medication or another since I was 3 months old! I have struggled with my sleep problems every night of my life.

I still have occasional nights where I have trouble falling asleep, but these are getting more rare. (And when I do have trouble, I am finding that is is when I have eaten something with MSG contained in it.)

Now I often fall asleep within the first hour, and if I am awakened in the middle of the night by a noise for instance, I am able to fall right back to sleep. I easily awaken before my alarm clock goes off with about six hours of sleep and feel totally refreshed.

I can't thank you enough for how you have improved the quality of my life.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is having problems sleeping.”

Kevin Ross, Newton, Iowa

How long will you need to wait to get started? Actually, just a few minutes, because you’ll get immediate access to everything from a special, protected area of this site.

If you're not computer-savvy, don't worry: I provide detailed video instructions on how to access and use the different components of the Program. And if you prefer to get CDs shipped to your door, you can request them from the members area after you've purchased the Program (I'll ask only that you cover my manufacturing costs, along with shipping).

I'm also going to provide you with a full education on sleep and insomnia in the easiest possible way:

Bonus 2: Optimal Sleep Course

I know from experience that if you integrate just a few core habits into your life — and avoid a few costly mistakes — the results you achieve with the tracks will be compounded.

But I also know you probably don’t feel like going through a 300 pages book — much less read 10 of them, sift through conflicting theories and suggestions, and then determine which advice you should follow and which one you should avoid.

That’s why I did the research and compiled it into an easy-to-digest, entertaining set of videos… and called this 5-part presentation the “Optimal Sleep course”.

You don’t need to download anything or have any special equipment. The course will play in the very same web browser you’re using right now to read this page.

All you have to do is press the “Play” button and sit back as I show you…

  • How to supercharge your day by learning to ride the 3 waves governing your sleep and your energy level
  • What factor is almost always the culprit of poor sleep
  • The paradoxical (but oh-so-true and inescapable) thing you need to do in order to stop feeling tired
  • The real reason why growing old makes your sleep become light and fragmented (definitely not what you’ve been told!)... and the simple way to reverse the aging process and regain the sleep and vitality of your youth
  • How to determine how much sleep you really need
  • Four things you can do to reset your sleep clock (do at least one of them on a consistent basis) if you have trouble falling asleep or find yourself waking up too early
  • How to stop the habit of worrying your way to a sleepless night... without actually doing anything special (with a twist)

… And this is just a sampler to give you an idea of what you’ll find in those 5 videos.

Here's what I also have to help you boost even more your energy levels, and ease down the so-common tendency to harbor anxious feelings:

Bonus 3 : Power Nap (Premium version)

Did you know that you can get 1 1/2 hours worth of sleep in just 20 minutes? This is not only possible, it's easy when you get the hang of it... and when you use the right tool.

This special audio session is a precious aid to help you extend your day and have the same amount of energy during the evening as you would if you had just woken up ready for the day.

Extremely precious!

Bonus 4 : Anxiety Ease (Premium version)

If you're like most SleepTracks friends, anxiety is a major issue. Well you'll now be able to listen to this track whenever anxiety starts to creep in.

Having a tool at hand to diffuse anxiety as soon as it arises during the day will allow you to:

  • let go of stress, calm down anxiety
  • step off the treadmill of worrying
  • be alert yet extremely relaxed

... So what am I promising you here, in a few words? Simply stated:

Sleep deeply without pills, take back control of your life and restore your ability to live life to its fullest

If you find that the Program doesn't help you accomplish that, then you can rely on my full “Don’t Lose Sleep Over it” 60 day guarantee. It goes like this (and there is no fine print):

Close your eyes and play the tracks according to the recommendations. If they don’t transform your sleep… if they don’t allow you to get the rest you need and deserve… or if you simply don’t like what you got for any reason whatsoever…

… Simply ask for a refund within 60 days and you’ll get 100% of your money back on the spot.

Tell me: the last time you went to a pharmacy to buy sleeping pills or natural "relaxation" products... the last time you went to a therapist... did they offer you a money-back guarantee? Of course not! But I do.

Is that fair? I want to make sure there are no obstacles standing between you and the possibility of restored sleep. It’s just too important. So basically I'm taking all the risk here.

So... Are you willing to start getting out of the hole of sleep deprivation right now? Haven't you wasted enough of your precious life because of insomnia? Only you can answer.

I'm here to help, but you need to make the first step... Here's the deal, plain and simple:

Yes, Yan, I'm ready to wave insomnia goodnight once and for all! Please let me take advantage of your complete 8-week Guarantee to test your SleepTracks Program completely risk-free. Here's my choice:

Program Components
Insomnia Buster track
Fall Asleep track
Whole Night track
Fast Start Guide
Optimal Sleep Course
Power Nap track
($29.95 value)

Anxiety Ease track
($29.95 value)

Retail Price
Special Price
(limited time only)

clickbank payment options

My order is fully safe thanks to Clickbank's 128-bit secure payment gateway, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as my order is processed I'll be granted immediate access to the members' area!

I also understand that I'm entitled to receive the Program on CDs for a small additional fee, and that I will be offered the option to do so immediately after ordering.

I know that you'll show me how to easily download and start using the Program, and understand that free and fast support is available if I ever need to get assistance.

One last request: will you please send me your success story within a month or two? I would love to hear how you're doing and, if it's ok with you, I would like to put your name next to Laney and all the others, and talk about your success too...

To your health and vitality,

Yan Muckle
SleepTracks Founder

P.S. If you have any questions, check out the FAQs… or ask your question here.

P.P.S. Allow me to throw here a few of the recent testimonials uploaded to the success stories page:

I was a bit skeptical at first and didn’t know what I was getting myself into

“I had a baby in May last year and my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer 5 months later. I think the sleep problems set in just after my baby was born. I did, off course, expect interrupted sleep with a baby, and the first 3 months were exhausting, but I was successful in teaching my baby to sleep and she has slept through the night since she was about 4 months old, which is when my sleep problems started… then came my mums diagnosis and nights apon nights of not falling asleep until 2-3am and waking at 6 with my baby. It is very hard to function as a mum on 3-4 hours of fitful sleep.

I have also been finishing my PhD and teaching at uni. Often, if I didn’t have to go into uni, I would stay in all day and not get out of my pajamas. I was very reluctant to take sleeping pills as I have read lots of bad things about them in the course of my studies. I did, however, start to rely on a strong headache tablet which was the only thing that I had access to that seemed to calm me down enough to sleep. I was feeling very much like a rat on a wheel, just a futile and endless spin. My husband was getting really worried about me and my difficulty was putting a lot of strain on him and our relationship.

I found your website about 2 and a half weeks ago whilst researching a wellness course that I had been asked to write for 2nd year university students. I was a bit skeptical at first and didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I don’t make a habit of downloading info from the internet but I was getting increasingly desperate to find a solution to my sleep problems. I found your manner to be reassuring, supportive, caring, and extremely helpful. I watched the sleep optimization course from start to finish right there and then. I am a health psychologist and most of the information was not new to me, but it had never been put all together like that and it is amazing how blind you are when it is you who is the problem and you are in a fog of sleep deprivation.

Since then I have made many changes. I know it cost a bit of money to get access to your site and the tracks, but I really think that the benefit far outweighs the cost and I do get the strong sense that you are not just trying to make money, but to help people. I have had so many people tell me what to do to cure my sleep problems – warm milk, listening to talkback radio, reading, having a few drinks, counting sheep, counting backwards from 100, trying to imagine field of grass swaying in the breeze and then attempting to stop the swaying, taking drugs, just switch off! – all well intentioned, none helped. You are the first person to really offer practical, researched, empathetic, and solid assistance. Thank you so much.”

Erin Pearson, Melbourne, Australia


What price do we put on sleep when we suffer from insomnia, priceless when we finally sleep naturally.

“My insomnia began from developing fibromyalgia some years ago but through diet, exercise and understanding about headmind and bodymind, my fibromyalgia has almost gone into remission. The only thing stopping a full remission was the insomnia. Sleepless nights, really aggravated the fibromyalgia, in a desperate attempt to get some sleep after 4 sleepless nights in a row I would resort to sleeping pills for a few nights.

I realized this was not the answer to my problem, but I didn’t know what was? I got out of bed one morning, after having the usual sleepless night and decided that I would not take anymore sleeping pills, there had to be another way. I went onto the internet to read more about insomnia and noticed the website for SleepTracks and thought ‘have a look, you have nothing to lose’, I read the information through a number of times for two days before I took the plunge:)

What really struck me was the sincere way Yan expressed himself. I thought to myself, “this guy really cares, he understands because he has been there”. Yan came back to me very quickly once I downloaded the sleeptracks, offering me as much help as I wanted take on. Yan made it a very personal experience.

The first night using sleeptracks, I had a broken night sleep, but more sleep than I had had for a long time, without taking sleeping pills, each night from then on I gradually slept more. I have put that down to the fact that I had now unloaded my body of the anxiety and worry of sleepless nights. Every night I am sleeping better smile, thank you Yan for sleeptracks. What price do we put on sleep when we suffer from insomnia, priceless when we finally sleep naturally.”

Wendy Douglas, Auckland, New Zealand

I am still in awe, I can’t believe that I am really sleeping again!

“My sleep disorder started with me waking up at 4:30am, then 3:30 am and so on until eventually I was not able to fall asleep when I went to bed. Hence, the start of taking sleeping pills. I had finally reached the edge, not being able to fall asleep naturally for 8 months, trying to get off of the sleep pills which left me staring at the ceiling all night long, unable to sleep. I became very agitated, easily annoyed, moody, very tired and my immune system had totally broken down.

I tried everything, acupuncture, high intensity work-out 2 days a week, every chamomile and sleepytime tea, a Sleep Specialist, you name it, I have tried them all. Finally through conversation, a distant co-worker discovered and introduced me to sleeptracks so I decided to give it a try as I had reached the point of desperation and would try just about anything!

I listened to the course and finally decided to stop worrying about falling asleep. I consistently listened to the Insomnia Buster track daily along with either the Fall Asleep or the Whole Night track. Can I just tell you that it has been 5 weeks since I have taken an Ambien? During the 2nd week of listening to the Tracks I fell asleep within 15-20 minutes. Even though I would wake up once or twice for the bathroom, I manage to go right back to sleep. I am still in awe, I can’t believe that I am really sleeping again! These tracks have literally saved me from this terrifying downward spiral! I am so very THANKFUL to have my life back! I have told so many people about this wonderful miracle and I hope that they pursue this life changing series of sleeptracks. Again, thank you for this life-altering experience and solution to my chronic insomnia.”

Janet Jernigan, Charlotte, North Carolina


Most nights, I’m out in 10 to 15 minutes. It is unbelievable

“I had not been sleeping good for 6 months. I was getting grumpy with my family. Things were getting worse. For several months, I had been taking 5mg Ambien and recently had to increase it to 10mg for it to work. That was my trigger to search for a solution. I tried a few relaxation cd’s that I had lying around, they did not help. I purchased your system in desperation, half hoping it would work, but knowing that it would not work for me.

My first night with the system was not so good. I watched all the online material first thing. The insomnia buster during the day was relaxing, but the fall asleep track was very annoying to me. It just seemed to build my tension until I had to turn it off. On night 2, I lowered the volume a bit and tried to accept it and to my surprise, I fell asleep in 30 minutes. Night 3, I was gone in 10 minutes. Most nights, I’m out in 10 to 15 minutes. It is unbelievable.”

Nick, Newburgh, New York