What is SleepTracks, and what I stand for

Yan Muckle

Hi, my name is Yan Muckle. I’m the creator of the SleepTracks Program, and I run this site.

I believe that “being an insomniac” is a myth and that everyone can enjoy restful sleep on a regular basis — even if there are many obstacles in the way, and a long history of sleep woes.

I also believe that the sleeping pills industry is damaging our health by capitalizing on our ignorance, and by distracting people from effective and natural ways to deal with this problem.

I created the SleepTracks Program in 2007 to provide such an alternative. And I’ve refined it over the years, using the feedback provided by the thousands of people who’ve been using it.

The Program is offered exclusively online. Here.

It’s not perfect, and it cannot help everyone — insomnia can be triggered by so many different things. But I dare say that the program’s success rate favorably stands the comparison with any sleep lab, any insomnia book or audio, and certainly any pill on the market.

And it accomplishes this with a constant focus on the one thing that comes first: your long-term health.

If you haven’t signed up yet to receive my free sleep tips, I invite you to do so now. You’ll get a series of 14 emails over the span of a few weeks, containing simple and actionable things you can do right now to better your sleep. You’ll also be able to sample SleepTracks’s most popular audio session, Insomnia Buster. And you’ll receive my weekly-or-so newsletter in which I investigate and report on little-known facts and tools that can have a big impact on your sleep, your health and your well-being.

Yan’s background, and SleepTracks’s origins

I have no medical background. I’m rather what we could call an avid learner and insatiable explorer. I have traveled extensively. I have published a novel and seen produced several musical shows. I have reported for news magazines on topics as diverse as Alzheimer’s disease, the future of money, allergies, or the state of the justice system in Canada (all in French — please forgive me if I make mistakes in English).

And, up until 2005, I was plagued by insomnia as well. I actually considered myself a die-hard insomniac because I’d had trouble sleeping since my early teens.

It would take me hours to fall asleep. I would also awaken repeatedly every night, and then struggle to get back to sleep. My mind would start its merry-go-round and run without respite until dawn. I would routinely spend hours glancing at the clock with growing despair.

Very, very frustrating…

So I started to investigate. I really needed to understand, and find a way to change my situation. I was truly tired of being tired…

I gradually uncovered extremely surprising and little-known facts about sleep and how the brain works during sleep. I pored over the myriad of books and research papers on sleep to separate the wheat from the chaff and learn what could be really useful.

At the beginning of 2007, I was tired of doing freelance writing for a living and wanted to launch my own business. I naturally chose insomnia — because I was confident I could make a difference.

When time came to create the Program itself, I did everything myself (not necessarily the smartest thing to do if you want to be successful, but hey). Learned all I still had to learn about sleep. Learned all about brainwave entrainment and how to craft effective sessions. Learned hypnosis and how to write powerful suggestions. Mixed the two together for a completely unique result. Learned to create multimedia presentations. Learned to build a website and to promote it. Not a small feat, all in all…

Many people are baffled by this. They ask me “What did you study in? What school did you go to?” I answer that I went, and still go, to the school of you-can-learn-anything-you-really-want-to. I’m a creative, an explorer type, a writer, coach, entrepreneur. I make mistakes and I learn. This is what I do every day.

Fueled by a desire to contribute, and to provide a good living for myself and my family.

Learning from thousands of users

Now that I’ve been offering SleepTracks for six years (I’m writing this in May 2013) and have interacted with thousands of people, I am more than ever aware that sleep issues are diverse and sometimes complex. I’ve been humbled in my attempts to help people many times.

This experience enabled me to make several significant improvements to the Program: to the educational part of the program, and to the audio sessions — which have undergone several changes and improvements based on the feedback I’ve received.

As you’ll see by browsing this site, results people have encountered by using the SleepTracks Program all over the world have been pretty impressive. Sleep labs don’t encounter the same percentage of success, despite being much more expensive. And the pills? You may have already discovered that they can help you for a very short time only, if any, before starting to disrupt your health in their covert and vicious ways.

How do I sleep these days?

Pretty good, thank you. I don’t consider myself an insomniac anymore. I am confident in my body’s ability to fall asleep fast, sleep soundly through the night, and wake up when it has had enough. I try to stay out of the way and avoid things that will disrupt this equilibrium.

Sometimes I’ll get a not-so-good night, or wake up halfway through — mostly because I got too excited about about something I’m working on and can’t stop thinking about it. Or because I was foolish enough to have a latte in the late afternoon (when I know full well that caffeine affects me for 12 hours or so).

So, life happens. But sleep is just not an issue for me anymore.

Which is precisely the point: having sleep not be an issue. So we can live our life fully, contribute to the world, and enjoy its treasures every day.

I invite you to discover for yourself what the Program can do for you.


Yan Muckle

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